Why I Started a Business with Arbonne

Ever since I decided to start my journey with Arbonne I have wanted to share my WHY with all of you! But as you know life got crazy, and only one month after starting my biz I ended up giving birth to Baby Maddox. SO I just haven’t had the time to sit down and really write this out until NOW! If you are interested in learning more about my story, and my why, please watch the below vid - or continue reading <3

My Why

I started this biz just to really see what it was all about, with the hopes of earning a couple $100 extra a month. I also started because something inside of me kept telling me to do so, & since I am a strong believer in following your intuition, I knew I HAD to do it or else I would always wonder what if. I knew that if this opportunity worked the way I knew it could, it would provide my family with the dream life I had always wanted. It would allow me to work less and spend more time with my family. I knew that it had the potential to replace both mine and my husbands income which would allow him to finally stops stressing about his job and spend more time with his kids. I knew it would give us the opportunity to take my kids on mission trips around the world and I knew that it would give me the opportunity to continue doing what I love most, teaching and coaching others about health and wellness, while helping others continue to get healthy, but I also knew it would give me the option to provide an opportunity to other mamas who wanted to be able to spend more time with their kids too, and I was obsessed with that!

My Story & How I heard about Arbonne

A Little About Me

So for those of you who don’t know much about me,I have my bachelors in science(undergrad degree) & I used to be a business analyst, working a full time cubicle job in an office. Making GREAT money, but hating my life and knowing that it just was not something I could see myself doing forever. I was totally NOT ok with working a 9-5, 5 days a week, wasting my whole life away in a job I was not passionate about. So before quitting, I went back to school and got my personal training and nutritionist certifications. I quit that job and started my own health coaching business. I was running my own biz for about a year before I had Daxton and was obsessed with everything about it, It had flexibility, a great income and so much fun, but it took up A LOT of my time. I was constantly training clients in person, or writing up customized plans (which is very tedious and time consuming), which was great at the time, but not so great when you have two babies under 1 year old to take care of.

After I had Dax I took a FULL year off work. In that year I got pregnant with Maddox and knew that I wouldn’t be able to claim maternity leave again, so I’d have no choice but to go back to working at least part time once Maddox was born! I loved my ‘job’ so I was ok with this, but knew if I was going to grow my biz and really bring in some serious cashola I’d be working A LOT. Something I didn’t want to do just after having my baby boy! Thats when I decided to say YES to Arbonne. The BEST decision I have ever made in my ENTIRE life, but we can get into that later. For now I want to give you the full story on how I heard about Arbonne & where we are at now!

My Arbonne Story

So I had actually NEVER heard of Arbonne until my girlfriend Hillary (and now sponsor) reached out to me via IG DM while at a conference back in January of 2018! She sent me a message just asking to share a brief overview of the biz, and since I am someone who always loves to hear about every opportunity, regardless if I think it may be something i’m interested in or not, I accepted. And to be honest- I accepted just to be nice LOL. I really had no interest, especially because I am used to getting lots of DM’s trying to promote or sell (often garbage) products via IG at the time.

She tried getting me on a call a handful of times before it actually happened. I had just had a baby(Daxton) and it just seemed like so much work to get on a call (LOL I am on the phone like 20 times a day now with 2 babies but thats just how it feels when you’re a first time mama). SO I kept ignoring, or postponing or just being flakey in regards to setting it up, but since she kept asking I finally just arranged the call and made it happen.

It was close to the end of Jan when she gave me the infamous ‘Discover Arbonne’ overview. I was super impressed and intrigued after listening to it all, but just wasn’t a fan of products in general, and I kind of felt like it was to good to be true (about the products and the opportunity). Like HOW could anyone actually make $22,000 + a month barely even working? It felt like it was a lot of BS to be honest, but it had sparked my interest enough that I began to do a TON of research regarding the company and the business model. I began researching network marketing as well as the company, and every time I tried to find something about them to disempower my belief, I came to find I would just begin to fall in love with the company even more.

I was obsessed with their mission and values, and everything about the company 100% aligned with every single thing I believed in. They were vegan (since the company started 38 yrs ago), they were PETA certified, which meant they never tested on animals or used animal by products, they CARED about the environment and made sure everything they did in regards to packaging, sourcing ingredients and production was safe and beneficial for the environment. They had a strict ingredient policy, banning over 2000 toxic and harmful chemicals or ingredients (I had been looking for products like this, but always felt the products in the stores weren’t as pure/safe as they claimed) so I had actually stopped using lotions and was trying to limit my products in general at the time I heard of the company.

And although I really loved the business model and LOVED everything about the products, I just wasn’t ready to put in the time required to starting something new, so I told her it wasn’t for me but maybe in the future!

In reality, I totally had the time I just didn’t believe in myself. I had tons of doubts, like what if i’m not good enough, what if I don’t succeed, I don’t want to be salesy, I don’t want people who don’t understand network marketing to think I'm part of some pyramid scheme etc etc the list goes on. But as the months passed I could NOT get the opportunity off of my mind. I watched Hillary travel, earn her Benz, promote other people, and just have so much fun doing this thing called Arbonne.

How I got Started

The next time she asked me about it, was Sept 29 of 2018, she sent me a text saying ‘So are you ready to earn an extra 1000 a month or what?’. I was ready. I said yes and we actually got on the phone and I signed unto be a consultant the next day. I signed up as a consultant without trying anything because it gave me a better discount, and I knew I had 45 days to return it all if I didn’t fall in love. But I also knew if I did fall in love that I wanted to start working my biz RIGHT AWAY.

It was super important for me to try EVERYTHING to make sure I loved it before beginning to share with others, and especially on my social media because I really value the trust of every single one of my followers. I am always honest, raw and genuine about anything I share or promote and I did not want to jeopardize that by sharing about products I hadn’t actually tried and didn’t know if I loved.

SO I ordered everything you guys. Makeup, skincare, nutrition, bath and body, you name it. I ordered ALL of it. I knew I had to be 100% in love with the products and the company if I was going to start sharing and really working this biz. And thats exactly what happened. I tried the protein and could not BELIEVE it was vegan, it whipped up like a whey protein and was absolutely DELICIOUS. The next thing I fell in love with was their eyebrow pencil and Arbonne intelligence pollution defence CC cream. And then I started using the skincare and WOW. needless to say, I fell completely in love with the products and was obsessed with the fact I knew they were pure, safe and beneficial for me to be using while nursing and pregnant.

I was in love with the products, but even more in love with the opportunity Arbonne had the potential of providing for me and my family. At the time my maternity leave was about to end, but I knew I was about to have another baby, which meant I would have had to go back to work full time, training and coaching clients, and even possibly my part time job to bring in my full time income. That is something I DID NOT want to do. It would have meant spending a lot less time with my babies and thats just a sacrifice I did not want to make. I knew that Arbonne had the potential to replace my full time income by working just part time hours(10-15 hrs a week) FROM HOME, and I was obsessed with this -so I went all in.

It was the first week of October when I decided to get to work and just jump all in. I knew I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I fell in love with the way they laid out the 30 days to healthy living program, especially since it aligned 100% with what I was already teaching my nutritional clients. By using Arbonnes 30 days to healthy living, it has allowed me to leverage my time! I am still able to keep coaching clients(my fav part) and continue helping them get healthy and learn sustainable healthy habits without all the time spent customizing the nutrition guides for each individual client, and for me that has been so amazing!

My Goals

Overall you guys I am just obsessed with this company and their commitment to help people get healthy from the inside out. I started this business to earn a few extra $100 a month, but since starting my vision has grown so much bigger than that.I am obsessed with the culture and the girl gang that comes along with it and I want every single person to be apart of this business because it quite honestly is the most positive and empowering group or thing I have ever been apart of.

It is currently January of 2019, just 3 months into starting my Arbonne Business and I will be finishing the month in qualification for Regional Vice President, the third level of four promotions in the company. My goal is to be a National Vice President (top level of the company) by Jan of 2020.

My why for wanting to make it to the top of the company is because I know that in order for me to get there that will just mean I have been able to help 1000’s of people live their happiest, healthiest lives - while also helping other women transform their life and become successful in their own biz - and that is what I am most passionate about, is helping others start to make their dreams a reality!

To Close:

So no matter what you think of network marketing or product sales, please know I love and appreciate every single one of you and your opinions. I never want my instagram to feel like I am just selling a product - I am only sharing because I want everyone to just be using the best of the best, and things that are actually safe and beneficial for their health. So I plan on continuing to share all the things I love with you guys, and Arbonne is definitely one of them! & I wanted you all to know my story in hopes of understanding my why!

And please know that for every product you purchase from a network marketing company. that it is quite literally changing someone else life, rather than just supporting some rich man at the top of some other company. If you are interested in the products or the biz, please feel free to reach out to me and ask any questions you may have about it all! I would love to help answer them!

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