"Beauty isn't about have a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul."

How often do you call individuals beautiful?

I know that, for me, I typically only end up using the word when I have been given the chance to see beautiful parts of their character shine through, making them appear beautiful. It rarely has anything to do with their physical appearance.

What do you usually say when you see a physically attractive person?

Think about it for a second…what words do you usually use to describe an attractive person? When I see beautiful looking people I often find myself saying ‘she is so pretty’, ‘she's gorgeous’, ‘he's so good looking’, but I RARELY(if ever) find myself initially calling someone beautiful. And that is because being beautiful really has nothing to do with your physical appearance, and EVERYTHING to do with your soul and your character as a person. You can't see someones true beauty just by looking at them. You need to feel their energy, their vibrations and get a glimpse of their character and moral compass first.

True Beauty is not related to what color your hair or eyes are, how 'perfect' your body is, or how 'pretty' your face is. True beauty is about who you are as a HUMAN BEING, your principles, your morals, your character. It is about how you make OTHERS feel about themselves in your presence (and after). It's all in the energy and vibrations you give off, and unfortunately for those who try to keep up some kind of façade, energy doesn’t lie.  A person’s energy can either lift you up or bring you down, and after being in the presence of a truly beautiful person, you too will be left feeling beautiful.

So, no matter how 'pretty' you are, if your character is vain, evil, cruel or malicious, and you are in a negative, insecure and bitter place you will never appear beautiful. Focus more of your attention on becoming the best PERSON you can be, and watch how you instantly start to feel more beautiful, coincidentally making others view you as more beautiful too :) 

How can you focus on becoming a beautiful person from the inside?

1.    Be Happy. Do things that make you happy. Happy people are beautiful people. :)

2.    Be Confident. Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. Knowing and accepting who you are.

3.    Be Grateful. Remember a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. Gratitude is the most beautiful way to express all that is in your heart with two words: Thank You.

4.    Give Thanks. If someone does something nice for you or compliments you, say thank you.

5.    Be Appreciative. Appreciate the beauty that already surrounds you. When you recognize the beauty in the most simplest of things it helps to cultivate the beauty within you.

6.    Be Kind. A person that radiates kindness and generosity is always regarded as a beautiful soul by many

7.    Embrace your flaws. Imperfection is the truest form of beauty; it’s what makes you unique!

8.    Smile. Happiness is the source of true inner beauty; share the beauty of happiness with others through a simple smile.

9.    Don’t lose touch of reality. We are living in a society where our standards of beauty continue to become more unrealistic, unattainable and narrow – leaving both men and women feeling more and more inadequate. So before insecurity creeps in, remember that this idea of beauty being sold to us by adverts isn’t real. The majority of people in the images we are bombarded with daily have likely had some form of filler, injection or plastic surgery and have a team of people behind the images ensuring the angles, lighting and makeup are perfect. And after all that, if the image still doesn’t measure up to this unrealistic expectation, there is still photo shop.

o   ** PS will be writing a blog post about how social media is destroying individual’s self-image, self-perception and self-worth in the coming weeks.

Please remember you are beautiful just the way you are!

In a world where so much pressure is being put on how we look physically, we need to remember that what is on the inside is what really makes us beautiful. When you feel yourself getting insecure, or falling into a negative place remember that the most beautiful people in life are those that have caring, gracious and kind-hearted souls. Consider how much you are capable of, what your body does for you on a daily basis, the power of your thoughts and the depth of your love & remember that those who love you, care for you and know you already think you are the most perfectly imperfect beautiful soul.