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For most of my life I had a highly structured lifestyle including a balanced diet alongside working out. That all changed during my second semester of University when I noticed my anxiety was getting worse which progressed into depression. Due to this combination I started to develop a bad relationship with food and became comfortable with making unhealthy choices. It was the easier thing to do than work on the real issues as I was in utter denial. Eventually I started to notice the slow but steady decline in myself that was a direct result in the habits and lifestyle I had created. I started to lack energy and motivation to engage in everyday activities. I think I never wanted to fully accept the situation I was in and made excuses as to “why I could not work out” or “why I could not commit to a meal plan”. This past year I wanted to take control of my life and be accountable for my decisions. During this time I had started to follow Carly’s own fitness journey. Eventually I reached out to her because I was ready to not only change my physical appearance but also wanted to work on my self-love and strength. Through my journey with Carly I feel I have found myself. She has given me my confidence and strength back. She continuously teaches me to have a positive relationship with food. I am very proud of the progress I have made as I have noticed a difference in my mental and physical state.  I am proud to say that through working with Carly I no longer need my anxiety medications, something I never thought was possible. 

There are so many misconceptions about the 'healthy lifestyle'! You do not need to eat chicken breast and vegetables three times a day. Carly takes her time in understanding your needs and foods you enjoy. She has taught me in order to be successful you must be honest, accountable, write your goals down, and do things you enjoy. I never thought I would be someone that would look forward to a weight lifting circuit, but her weight lifting circuits are something I actually enjoy. Carly really gets to know you as an individual and customizes a plan that works for you. I am thankful everyday that I messaged her and went out of my comfort zone. She is not just my trainer she is someone that supports me, believes in me, and gives me the tools to be a healthier and happier version of me.

Daniela Vasquez

Working with Carly has been nothing but a positive experience. It has been a bit over four months since I contacted her and everyday we both notice changes in me physically but most importantly mentally. I first came to Carly with the goal of losing weight, I wanted to go back to weighing 110 pounds like I did when I was 21 and I had my mind set on that goal. She advised me that she thought it was a big weight drop (I was weighing 130 pounds at the time) but we’d try and get me there (she thought 118-120 would be a good weight). I had no problem with the meal plan and exercises Carly gave me. She made it really easy for me to adjust anything in my workout plan / meal plan by providing me with alternatives and even including how much a serving would be for any substitutions I wanted to make with food. The real struggle was with the mental aspect of this whole journey. I grew up being pretty petite, I never weighed over 115 pounds until now so I never really had body image issues. During the first couple months Carly really helped me learn to love myself, my body and this journey. I always complained about how my weight would fluctuate or if I felt “fat” but she always reminded me that this was a journey and lifestyle change and to always speak kind words to myself. She never once told me this was going to be a quick fix or that id have amazing muscles overnight which is a misconception a lot of people get lured into by other people. She has always been completely honest with me and reminded me that this is a journey and the results I want are not going to be overnight. As time progressed my weight went down and my body began to tone up. I have always had cellulite, even when I weighed 110 pounds and now my thighs look better than ever. I also reached a weight of 120 pounds while working with her and felt too skinny and felt the need go back up in weight. I used to be obsessed with weighing myself everyday and now I only weigh myself on our check in days which happen once a week. Thankfully, I send weekly photos which help me see the real physical changes other than relying on some stupid number on a scale. I no longer have a goal weight, I now just want to add muscle to body and find a balance between living life to the fullest and reaching my health / fitness goals. I don’t think I’ve ever felt happier in my life and honestly I wouldn’t be here without her. Throughout this whole journey I’ve never had a moment where I doubted Carlys knowledge or felt that she didn’t know what she was doing with me. I trust her and I know she’s going to get me to where I want to be with time and dedication. Carly has helped me become the best version of myself physically but most importantly mentally and I can’t wait to continue this journey with her. Thank you Carly.


I first approached Carly during my final year of University. I felt like I wasn’t making progress in the gym despite going at least 5 times a week. As a health sciences student, I had a strong understanding of general health, fitness, and nutrition, but I was struggling to understand how to apply those concepts to maximize my own results. Carly gathered some information about what I was doing in the gym, what I actually liked doing in the gym, what I was eating in a typical day, foods that I craved and couldn’t live without, and information about my general day-to-day mindset. With all that information, Carly was able to create a personalized plan that incorporated foods and activities that I liked. She made it really easy to adhere to her plan. Over the 4 months that I worked with Carly, she was constantly checking in to see how things were going, how I was feeling (physically and mentally) and whether or not I was finding it easy to stick with the plan. Not only was this helpful in making small modification along the way, but it was also an excellent motivator to stick to my diet and exercise plan.

Each week I saw changes in my body composition, and it had been years since I had noticed any positive changes. I felt less burdened by decisions about what I should do at the gym or what I should eat, and it became much easier to avoid temptation. Carly was always so positive! Even in the weeks where I didn’t see a major change, she managed to point out the positive, whether it be in my lower stress levels, or the fact that I enjoyed time with family. Carly helped me to change my mindset and feel more positive about myself and my progress.

I am so happy that I chose Carly as a coach, even after working with her she has stayed in touch and has been checking in every now and again. Carly went above and beyond assigning me an individual diet and exercise plan: she helped me to learn about what exercises and at what intensity work for me, what foods and in what amounts I should be eating to maintain my energy levels and prevent unmanageable cravings. Carly was helpful in explaining why I might be experiencing certain pains while exercising, and helping me to overcome them. I learned so much from Carly, and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with her. I know that if I ever fall into another rut, I can go back to her and get the help I need!

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