Travelling With Two Under Two

If you follow me on instagram you probably know we just travelled to Las Vegas with our two babies, Dax (18M) and Maddox(6M). I asked my IG mama friends for travel tips and wanted to share some of the most popular responses and what we did with our babes to try and make the flight as enjoyable as possible!

I was most worried about Maddox because he is a fussy little fusser sometimes and doesn’t settle easily. When we flew with Dax when he was around the same age he was SO easy. I just nursed him and he’d fall asleep on the boppy - Maddox is NOT the same. He has to be rocked and rocked aggressively to fall asleep so he was not a happy camper trying to fall asleep on the plane. He cried during take off and landing and 1 time in between..not for long - but was a little fussy. So I will first share how we entertained him and then i’ll share what we did with our 18M old and how we stayed prepared!

Musts for your 4-7 Month Old Baby on the Flight

  • Have a boppy pillow for them to sleep on.

  • Have a bottle/breast/soother and ensure you are either nursing or encouraging them to use the soother when taking off & landing to help with earn pressure. Neither of our babies had any issues with this. However my flight attendant friend also let me know if you’re baby is screaming because of this, let them! It helps relieve the pressure! But having a soother, breast or bottle for them to suck on can help.

  • A new toy - something for them to play with. A new teether, something colourful with different textures and crinkle sounds for them to play with(this entertained Maddox for .5 seconds but maybe your baby enjoys them more than mine)

  • A phone/tablet with paw patrol or other baby shows they like.

  • Change of clothes, extra diapers and changing pad ! Maddox had a blowout on the plane - that was fun.

  • Baby Wearer! This was essential for getting on the flight and bouncing around before the flight! Maddox doesn’t love the stroller. Some carriers they can stay in and sleep comfortably against you on the flight also - Maddox won’t if I sit down- but a good option to have!!

Must Haves for your 18 Month Old or Older Babe for the Flight

A lot of the things we used for Maddox we had for Dax too!

  • Have a bottle/breast/soother for the same reasons as above

  • A new toy - something for them to play with. We brought a little puzzle thing, his favourite dump truck and some books! An IG mama friend mentioned to have quiet toys, which was such a good reminder because of course not everyone on the plane wants to listen to the same kids toy sound OVER AND OVER.

  • A phone/tablet with paw patrol or other baby shows they like. We did a few new shows for him. We didn’t have headphones but kept it pretty quiet.

  • Change of clothes, extra diapers and changing pad !

  • SNACKS - a variety of snacks! We had every type of snack under the sun and this kept him so entertained. Cheerios, pouches, some mum mums, bananas, 2 different water cups , some timbits etc.

  • LEASH -no shame on this one. Dax LOVES to run and this made me feel so much more at ease knowing I had some control of where he was going. This is more for overall travel and the airport, but it was awesome and he had so much fun always wearing his ‘backpack’.

Overall Dax was an absolute Angel and so easy! He stayed in his Dads lap the whole time! He made friends with everyone around him and we didn’t even need to let him run up and down the aisles which I was shocked by… but we also didn’t let him try because if he knew he could run around he never would have sat still for the ride!! We also booked flights near nap time/bedtime to encourage him to sleep. And we let him run around like crazy in the airport before actually getting on the plane!

For the Hotel

We decided to rent a crib for Dax and bring a portable bassinet for Maddox. We bought diapers and baby food when we got down to Vegas to avoid the extra weight in the suitcases, but of course you can bring some of this stuff with you also! Which I would recommend if going to foreign countries. We had a few of Daxtons fav toys, his sleep sack, his snuggle buddy(Stuffed animal) and some other familiar toys for him to play with but he loved exploring and playing with everything in the room that was not a TOY. We brought lots of clothes for the both of them. And just did baths in the big bathtub in the room!

For breastfeeding mamas: A breast pump with milk storage bags!! I also brought some frozen pumped milk down because I wasn’t sure what my days would look like and I didn’t want to be stressed if I couldn’t find the time to pump ! I did pump 2x while there but was able to pretty much feed Maddox in between all the trainings so that worked out perfect!! Having some extra though made it less stressful and was nice if I felt like getting a little tipsy or staying out late!

SAFETY OF THE ROOM: ALSO Highly suggest CHECKING the room from top to bottom before letting your babe run around. Someone let me know they found a weird pill in their hotel room before(could have been drugs) and Dax found butcher knives in one drawer I missed. I checked the floors and all surroundings but never even looked in the drawer and that was super scary. Luckily I was standing right there!! But definitely take the time to check your room over for safety hazards!

I will also suggest getting a suite if you can… having both babies in the same room was tough because if one woke up crying it woke the other up and it was a viscous cycle - so none of us had the best sleeps while away. However it worked. Some nights they both ended up in bed with us but we made the best with our situation!! Just like you can too!! So try not to stress, go with the flow and don’t worry about having perfect schedules or nap times. Dax stayed out with us awake till 12pm some nights and we had Maddox sleeping in the stroller. We didn’t want to miss out on the fun and Dax had a great time running around and seeing the lights at night too!

We all had a good time and thats what mattered most!!

That’s basically it!! If you have any other questions please comment below and I’d love to share or help answer them for you!

With Love,

Carly <3