Feminine Hygiene Products: Why You Need to be Concerned

I am writing about something different today because I want to shed some light on something that I don't think many women are aware of, and that is the toxins, chemicals and byproducts that make up conventional feminine hygiene products. If you care about your feminine hygiene health(and you should), please continue reading to find out more. 

Feminine Hygiene Products

So many of us are aware of the chemicals and toxins in/on our foods and we likely try to avoid them as much as possible. Whether that means buying organic, non GMO, chemical-free or just vigorously washing all fresh produce to help remove the harmful chemicals and toxins such as pesticides.  

You may also be aware of the chemicals and toxins in household products, makeup and skincare products. So you may opt for chemical free household cleaners, or all natural skincare products.

But how many of you are aware of the toxins and chemicals in feminine hygiene products? Have you ever noticed the list of stuff that makes up a tampon or a pad? Or ever wondered?

It is likely you associate pesticides with food, but have you ever associated pesticides with your feminine hygiene products? Probably not. But over 2 billion dollars is spent on pesticides annually in order to spray cotton crops – the exact crops used to make up your conventional feminine hygiene products (think tampax, Playtex, always etc.)

Your Skin (aka your Vagina) absorbs all of these chemicals!

Your skin is your largest organ, and your vagina is the most absorbent part of your body. Any substance that comes in contact with your skin can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream, where it is then distributed throughout your entire body. Once these toxins are in your body they can accumulate because you typically lack the necessary enzymes to break them down.

Your digestive system is designed to process compounds and rid your body of potential toxins, but when something is absorbed through your skin it doesn’t go through your body’s natural defense system. Meaning your skin absorbs the toxic stuff almost immediately.

Conventional Feminine Hygiene Products are FULL of harmful Chemicals

Did you know there is absolutely no federal regulation for current feminine hygiene brands to fully disclose the ingredients in the pads and tampons we purchase off the shelves?

The average women uses 16,000 tampons in her lifetime, and closer to 24,000 if shes using estrogen replacement therapy. This means we spend about 80,000 hours with tampons inside of us. I don't know about you, but this is EXTREMELY concerning to me because of the fact our vaginas are the MOST absorbent part of our bodies, and that they have a DIRECT link to our reproductive organs!!(Makes me curious to know the relationship between these toxic things we've been inserting into our vaginas and the increase in infertility - anyways, I digress. )

Many people are also aware of the hazardous nature of plastic chemicals, but were you aware that ONE conventional sanitary pad can contain the equivalent amount of plastic it takes to make 4 plastic bags?  

Here is a list of some of the chemicals found in plastic and tampons and their possible harmful side effects:

  • Plasticizing chemicals like BPA and BPS disrupt embryonic development and are also linked to heart disease and cancer,
  • Phthalates which give paper applicators that smooth finish, are known to dis regulate gene expression and DEHP may lead to multiple organ damage,
  • Synthetics and plastics restrict air flow and trap heat, promoting yeast and bacterial growth in your vaginal area,
  • Conventional brands are usually bleached to get that clean white look, which can create toxic dioxin. Once exposed to Dioxin it collects in your fatty tissues. Even trace dioxin levels may be linked to:
    • Hormonal and Endocrine system disruption
    • Immune System Suppression
    • Abnormal cell growth throughout the body
    • Abnormal tissue growth in the abdomen and reproductive organs
  • Tampons and Pads with odor neutralizers and artificial fragrances are laced with artificial colors, polyester, adhesives, polyethylene(PET), poplypropylene and propylene glycol(PEG), contaminants linked to hormone disruption, cancer, birth defects, dryness and infertility.
  • Many of today's products also contain rayon, viscose, and cellulose wood fluff pulp, which can stick to your vaginal wall even after tampon removal.

Check out this video to see the difference of a 100% Organic Product VS a Conventional Brand. The 100% Organic Cotton product burns slow and clean with virtually no residue, whereas the Always Infinity pad creates black smoke and thick residue, indicating the pad contains dioxins, synthetic fibers and petrochemical additives.

I Made the Switch and So should You

I have struggled with various complications over the last few years which got me really interested in women's health. While researching the harmful effects of birth control I also stumbled up on the harmful effects of conventional feminine hygiene products. After learning about all of the harmful affects and health implications  last year, I made the switch to 100% organic tampons and have not used conventional feminine hygiene product since. 

I admit it was hard at first to first make the switch because organic cotton tampons can be expensive! So, I would always try to stock up whenever they were on sale at london drugs. But I promise you spending those few extra dollars is 100% worth it for your overall health!! And if you don't want to worry about looking around for sales...there is always this amazing new monthly subscription box you can order! 

What is Ellebox?

I absolutely love supporting local companies, so when I heard about 3 local women making it on dragons den I was super intrigued. Not only were they local, but they were all women( #GIRLPOWER) so I had to see what they were all about! In case you haven't heard of them,  Ellebox is a monthly subscription box that sends you all your monthly period necessities right to your door! You can either choose a monthly subscription of just the necessities(Pads and Tampons), or  a comfort box that comes with all the necessities as well as 2 self-care items and some chocolate and tea! 

The concept of this box was genius to me and when I discovered that they were only distributing 100% Organic Cotton Products I was SOLD! Not only is it convenient because it always arrives before my period, but I think I am also saving money on tampons and pads too!

So please!! Make the switch to 100% Organic Cotton Products!! Whether you choose to give ElleBox a try or you just go out and buy some 100% Organic Cotton Products, I promise the switch is worth it!

***P.S. This is not a paid ad.  I am including an ElleBox shout out because I absolutely love what this local company stands for and the product they are selling. ***