With Baby # 2!

Yep, surprise! Pregnant with baby #2 ALREADY! I feel like I just finished popping out baby # 1, & now here I am, preggos again!! I keep joking that I just feel like my normal self again since I have spent more time pregnant than not in the last year and a half! 

How & When It Happened

Like Dax, this pregnancy came as a surprise & was not planned, however we learned what happens with 0 protection using the pullout method when the pulling out doesn't happen the first time, so we should have known better! This little babe was conceived the same way! So far our fertility rates are 2/2 - 100% fertility rate . Literally it's only happened 2 x in our relationship where I have been on no contraception & we have made a baby BOTH TIMES. It is insanity. ANYWAYS Baby #2 was conceived in Mexico (the basketball night if you guys watch my IG stories LOL - at least thats the night my fam keeps referring to it as). 

How did I find out?

I truly felt like I was pregnant 2 days after conception. I swear once you've been pregnant once you can just feel the changes in your body almost immediately! Although I felt preggo I knew I needed to confirm with a test, so I took 1 and the line was SO faint I wasn't sure what it meant -I waited and took another one a week later and the same THING! super faint line!! I went to the doc to confirm my pregnancy later that week. He was shocked to see me in for that reason so quickly LOL. But he confirmed I was definitely preggers! 

When am I Due?

Baby is due between end of December and first few days of Jan! Our first estimated due date based on last missed period was for December 20th 2018, exactly 13 months after Baby Dax was born(Nov 20 2017). My ultrasound dated us to be due Jan 4, however a friend of mine had the same ultrasound tech who gave her a due date 1.5 weeks later than expected! SO I don't know exactly but am hoping to have a better estimated due date when I go for my next ultrasound in a couple months! Either way end of December or early January is the WORST time for a baby to be born & I feel bad for him/her already! 

We are so excited to be growing our family & I am so excited to be giving Dax a sibling since I was an only child! I have always known I want lots of kids - Daniel only wanted 1 when we first got together but knew I wasn't ok with that, so he agreed to two. He thinks this is it - but I definitely want more in the future!