Everyday Makeup & Skincare Routine

I have been getting tons of requests for my everyday makeup routine & skincare routine, so here it is!! I actually don’t have a very complex skincare routine & just use some very simple & natural products! For my everyday makeup, I generally don’t wear makeup everyday, but I included my super simple go to makeup look in this video & have included ALL the makeup details & products in this blog post!! So let’s get started!

Skincare Routine


Veda Spa Cleanser

Veda Spa Daily Moisturizer

You can purchase both of these at @endlessbeautydayspa in Surrey from my skincare lady Karen! If you aren’t local, unfortunately there is no other way to get it at the moment! However, like I mentioned in the vid I have started using the RE9 Advanced Anti-Aging skin care line from Arbonne, and I will keep you guys posted on my results! You can take a look at the product line here, if you’re interested!

Makeup Routine

Step 1 - Rinse Face & Prep skin with daily moisturizer.

All the products I used, missing the Fix+ spray & lip liner!

All the products I used, missing the Fix+ spray & lip liner!

Step 2 - For a more dewy look, Apply The Body Shop BB Cream allover face (Body Shop Link) OR use the CC cream pollution defense for a more matte look.

Step 3 - Apply Concealer under eyes, I used Arbonne Concealer in the vid, my old fav was Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer under eyes & blend with a beauty blender

Step 4 - Apply Chanel Loose Translucent powder all over face with #50 Sephora Powder Brush

Step 5 - Apply Bronzer from Stellar Beauty Highlighter & Contour Kit to cheek bones & frame face with angled contour brush from the Charcoal Antibacterial Brush Set.

Step 6 - Apply Bronzed highlighter on apples of cheeks, then lighter highlighter on upper cheekbone, bridge of nose & cupids bow(Both from Stellar Beauty Highlighter & Contour Kit) Both Using #79 Sephora Contour Brush

Step 7 - Apply Peachy Keen Mac Blush with blush brush from coastal scents brush kit. (The more bronzy colour I showed can be found here)

Step 8 - Pencil Brows with Shape it Up by Arbonne

Step 9 - Apply Maybelline Stiletto Eyeliner above upper lash line

Step 10 - Apply a few coats of It’s a Long Story Mascara

Step 11- Spritz Mac Fix + All over face

Step 12 - Line Lips & Apply chapstick! I love the Pink Maybelline Baby Lips or regular chapstick

That’s it!! If this was helpful please like this post or comment below to let me know it was helpful for you!! IF you want to see more posts like this, DM me on instagram or comment below also!!! I had a lot of fun filming for you guys & would love to film a full GRWM video if you’re interested!

Like I said in the video I have been making the conscious effort to switch to brands that are vegan & cruelty free! Since becoming pregnant for the second time I also starting paying closer attention to the ingredients I have been putting on my skin(since it’s our largest organ & only takes 26 seconds for harmful toxins & chemicals to enter our blood stream via our skin). That is why I have been switching to brands like the body shop, stellar and Arbonne! They all make quality makeup products free of animal testing & animal by products! Arbonne specifically prides itself on being non toxic, with a banned ingredient list of over 2000 harmful ingredients. If you want to learn more, click here! To shop their makeup products, click here.