Full Shoulder Workout

Quick Anatomy Lesson

Your shoulder muscle is actually called your deltoid, and is made up of 3 parts(Anterior Deltoid (Front), Medial Deltoid (Middle) and Posterior Deltoid(Rear)). Because your shoulder is made of three different muscles it is important to incorporate exercises that work ALL 3 parts in your training regimen.

Deltoid Anatomy

When I first started working out I didn't understand or really know what a mind muscle connection was and how important it is when weight training. I also didn't know much about anatomy and that muscles are made up of more than 1 muscle group... So for years I trained without really realizing I needed to be doing exercises that target each area of the muscle group! For instance, while training shoulders I clearly didn't know how to activate my rear delts, and wasn't doing the appropriate exercises to build them because I am REALLY lacking. I never would have realized either if it wasn't for my lovely boyfriend who pointed it out one day and said ' wow , you really have no rear delts, its like they don't even exist'. SO RUDE. I was offended, BUT if he hadn't mentioned it I never would have realized it was a weak point that I really needed to start focusing on! So thanks....I guess. Anyways, since that day I have been on a mission to build some 'boulda shouldas' (rear delts included). 


My shoulders are STILL sore from this shoulder workout I did on Saturday, so I knew it was a good enough workout to share! P.S. I have a really difficult time activating/growing my rear delts (as mentioned above) but I have found that modifying some of the common 'rear delt' exercises has REALLY helped me get that mind muscle connection(MMC) and actually get them activating. 

P.S.S. I know you often hear you must train heavy in order to build muscle.. but I don't find this to be true with shoulders.I have found that lifting super heavy for shoulders causes me to tense my neck and use other muscles to compensate for my weak shoulders. SO I opt for lighter weight and higher rep training while doing shoulders...often until failure. Remember you want your shoulders to be BURNING by the end of your set; its a good thing and it means its working :) 

Full Shoulder Workout

    • 3 x 15 - Partial Lateral Raise(Pulse)
    • 3 x 15 - Full Lateral Raise
    • 3 x 15 - Partial Lateral Raise(Pulse)
    • 3 x 15 - Arnold Press
    • 3 x 15 - Shoulder Press
    • 3 x 15 - Narrow Shoulder Press
    • 3 x 15 - Single Arm Cable Lateral Raise(15 per arm)
    • 4 x 15 - Barbell Front Raises
    • 4 x 15 - Barbell Shoulder Press(Behind the head)
  • REAR DELT SUPER SET(Seen in Video)
    • 3 x 15 - Single Arm Standing Rear Delt Reverse Fly
    • 3 x Failure - Seated Rear Delt Reverse Fly
    • 3 x 20-25 - Seated Machine Press
    • 3 x 15-20 - Reverse Seated Machine Press(Seen in Video)

Enjoy!! Comment Below if you try the workout and let me know what you think :)

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