Full Leg Workout

I almost never do the same leg workout, and am constantly mixing things up trying to find what gets my glutes burning the most. Lately, I have been trying something new and incorporating more glute activation exercises prior to doing any compound lifts & I am finding it really helps to keep my glutes firing throughout my entire leg workout.  

I posted 2 clips on my instagram from this workout and had footage of most of it so I figured I would throw it together & post the full workout below for you all! 

Leg Workout

  • 3 sets Band Walks(multi directional) till failure for warm up
    • 4 x 12 - Cable Squat
    • 4 x 12 - Cable Deadlift
  • 4 x 15 - Hip thrusts on hamstring machine with pulse till failure
    • 4 x 12 - Reverse Hack Squat
    • 4 x 12 - Good Mornings using Reverse Hack Squat Machine
    • 4 x 12-15 - Wide-Stance Leg Press
    • 4 x 12 -15 - Narrow Stance Leg Press(more of a pulse)
    • 4 x 15 - Single Leg Elevated Glute Bridge
    • 4 x 15 - Elevated Glute Bridge Hip Abductor /Frog Pumps
  • 20 mins Stationary Bike keeping the focus on your glutes

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