What My 9 Month Old Eats in a Day

I keep getting TONS of questions on instagram about what I feed Dax in a day so I decided to film a FULL day of eating for him! We missed a few things he ate, but I wanted to list everything here, as well as attach the full youtube video! 

Full Day of Eating For Dax(9 M):


Breakfast: 1 full free range egg & 1 piece sprouted grain bread with coconut oil & all natural peanut butter

Lunch: 1 Banana with Peanut Butter , 1 package of veggie mum mums, 1/2 a peach 

Snack: 1 piece homemade whole grain bread & 1/2 piece homemade banana bread

Dinner: 2 pieces chopped asparagus, about 1/2 cup butternut squash, 2 tbsp peas, a few mushrooms & piece of cooked Tofu, 1 full chickpea/spinach patty 

I also encourage him to drink water with all meals, and breastfeed him throughout the day as he pleases! He normally has a solid breastfeed first thing in the morning, before he goes to bed & 1-2x during the night! I don't track how often he feeds or for how long. Before all naps & when he is tired he uses boob for comfort.

My doc encouraged me to continue breastfeeding, without supplementation & to feed Dax as many solids as he desires, so that's what I am doing! 

Hopefully this was helpful!! If it was please let me know with a comment on the blog or on the YT video, and let me know if you have any questions!!

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