Newborn Musthaves

Hi guys!! As most new moms, I felt like I had to have EVERYTHING baby all prepped and ready to go prior to babes arrival. Once baby arrived, I soon realized this was just not true! & I barely used half of the stuff I thought I would need! So I have compiled a list of all of my absolute must-haves for you here!! Everything I talk about in my youtube video is linked below for your convenience! 

  1. JJ Cole Changing Clutch
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Penaten
  4. Sleep Sack
  5. Breastfeeding Pillow
  6. Zipper Sleepers
  7. Baby Wearer
  8. Halo Bassinet
  9. A GOOD Pump - Medela Portable Pump
  10. Milk Storage Bags
  11. Baby Swing
  12. Pacifier Clips
  13. Black and White Print Outs
  14. Stroller I have