Lenny Lemons Diaper Bag Review

I received the Lenny Lemons Diaper bag a few weeks ago & have been using it EVERY DAY since!! I am super obsessed with how perfectly it fits all of my stuff, and how well it fits into my stroller storage area! I am also loving the comfort and ease of wearing a backpack rather than lugging a huge purse around on my shoulder with a 20lb babe on the other side LOL. & This will be even more convenient once baby number two makes his appearance!

For a more detailed review of me going through the bag and showing all the different compartments and features please watch my youtube video!! I filmed it as I first went through & checked it out so that it would be my completely honest opinion!

PS I was also lucky enough to snag a discount code for you guys to use for their already discounted launch price too!!! Use this link & Discount Code (Carly20) to save 20% off your order! So don’t forget to use that to get another $20 or so dollars off!  (Discount Code : Carly20 )