Love and Fit Shop Nursing Sports Bra

Look and Feel

Ok so I find this bra SUPER Cute!! Especially since most nursing bras are not all strappy and beautiful like this one! It is VERY comfy and I was so surprised that it actually fit me!! The fabric is so soft and nice and the quality is just amazing!! There is also no underwire which is nice since a lot of the time the underwire pushes into your ribs/chest. But for us busty ladies the underwire can be important - so something to keep in mind.


So there isn’t actually a way to adjust the straps but I find it didn’t really matter! Still fit great! And the snaps to get access to the boobs are super easy to clip and undo!


For any mamas with a little smaller chests I think this bra would be amazing, but for those of you with super heavy boobs like me, I would need to double up if I was going to do some super heavy impact or HIIT workouts since it won’t totally keep them contained!! Super great for a weight lifting workout where you just want to look cute but aren’t doing crazy jumps or burpees though!!

Definitely recommend, for my smaller chested ladies! And for my big boobie ladies just know you may have to double it up for really good support!

You can find the bra HERE.

Nursing Sports Bra