Customized Workout Plan

Customized Workout Plan


A completely customized 8 week workout plan based on your specific fitness level and fitness goals.

  • Workouts designed based on your overall fitness goals and fitness level

  • 3-6 workouts per week depending on the time you are able to commit to reaching your goals(You choose how many workouts you can realistically complete each week and I complete your plan based on this)

  • Workouts will be designed to be completed in 30 minutes, or 65 minutes - whatever time frame you can commit to the gym

  • Cardio Requirements (Or no cardio if you don’t enjoy it)

  • Upper Body, Lower Body Stretching Guide

  • Foam Rolling Guide

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The customized workout plan is great for anyone who is wanting to target specific areas and prefers a training guide that is based specifically on their fitness level and overall fitness goals. 

I will customize the plan based on whether or not you are looking to lose fat, build muscle or target and tone specific areas on your body! If you want it to be a booty building guide, I will create it with a booty focus, however if you prefer a more full body type approach - I will create it this way instead! 

After purchase, I can typically create your custom workout plan for you within 5 business days.