Customized Prenatal Fitness Plan

Customized Prenatal Fitness Plan


Pregnancy is a very special time! I understand that every women experiences pregnancy differently, and may want a fitness plan tailored specifically to her fitness level & abilities while pregnant! If you want a plan that is designed specifically for you, this is the right option!

  • 10 week customized workout plan based on your current fitness level and pre-pregnancy fitness level

  • Workouts designed to maintain your strength & keep common pregnancy aches and pains at bay

  • 3-6 workouts per week depending on the time you are able to commit to reaching your goals(You choose how many workouts you can realistically complete each week and I complete your plan based on this)

  • Workouts will be designed to be completed in 30 minutes, or 65 minutes - whatever time frame you can commit to the gym

  • Safe and Beneficial Cardio Requirements for you and Baby

  • Safe ab exercises for pregnancy

Please scroll past the below purchase button to download the PARMED-X for pregnancy form. I will need this returned to me prior to completing your customized fitness plan.

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I require a PARMED-X for pregnancy form to be filled out prior to me designing a workout plan for you. It is your responsibility to have this form signed by your doctor & returned back to me, prior to receiving your customized workout plan. You should ALWAYS consult your health care provider prior to starting any fitness program, but especially if you are pregnant.

You MUST be free of all absolute and relative contraindications in order for me to create a customized workout plan for you.

If you do not have this form signed by your doctor, you take full responsibility for partaking in the exercises included in your workout plan. 

Please download the PARMED-X for Pregnancy form HERE. 

After purchase, I will likely follow up with you via email to ask any additional questions I may have regarding your pregnancy up to this point. I can typically create your custom workout plan for you within 5 business days after receiving all required forms.