Postpartum Fitness Guide: Phase 1

Postpartum Fitness Guide: Phase 1



10 weeks of workouts Designed to help YOU lose the bub chub gained throughout your pregnancy while working on regaining your strength!

These workouts increase in difficulty as our bodies are slowly able to do more postpartum and are intended to be done in order once you are cleared to begin activities/exercise from your OB/HCP postpartum. 

I want you to know that this plan is EXACTLY what I did each and every week in order to lose over 50 lbs post-partum. I designed it as I was experiencing all of the common complaints postpartum, I was weak, carrying alot of fat & in a lot of pain initially post-partum. I experienced lordosis, kyphosis and pubic discomfort. As well as Diastasis Recti, which I have now completely healed, using the steps in this guide.


  • 10 weeks of workouts

  • 3-4 fat burning GYM based workouts per week

    • Each and every workout is DIFFERENT

    • Circuit based weight training and resistance training with a side of ploys/hiit here and there!

  • Over 30 different workouts in total

  • 25-60 minutes needed to complete each workout (40 mins on avg)

  • Little to no cardio (Only 5 of the 30+ workouts include less than 20 mins)

  • C-Section Friendly

  • A Guide to Diastasis Recti

    • How to know if you have it & How to heal it

  • Common postpartum aches/pains to be aware of:

    • pubic symphysis, kyphosis, lordosis

      • Things you can do to relieve pain and strengthen these areas

  • Stretching & Foam Rolling Guide

  • Over 100 exercises included in the exercise library

  • Facebook Community & Support from me (FOR LIFE)

  • **Week 10 has only 2 workouts because it is designed to be a rest week prior to starting Phase 2.


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