Must Haves for Travelling with an Infant

When I put the question out there on instagram, the majority of you said you would be interested in knowing my must have items you NEED for travelling with a baby, and everything I took(and actually used) while we were in Mexico! I originally was going to film the vid pre-mexico, but I figured it would be more beneficial to tell you how useful everything was as well! So I filmed it last week once we got back! Overall Dax was an absolute DREAM traveller & I was so impressed with how he handled everything and adjusted! 

Please be sure to watch the video & give it a thumbs up if it was helpful for you! All of the specific items I discuss in the video are linked below for your reference!

All of the items we brought with us for Baby are listed and linked below(in order of how I discuss them in the youtube video):

  1. Sleep Sack
    1. Lighter Version
    2. Warmer Version
  2. Hooded Towels 
  3. Sun Protecting Hut
  4. Swim Float/Activity Centre
  5. Stroller
  6. Activity Centre 
  7. Disposable Swim Diapers
  8. 2 Sun Hats
  9. One Piece Rashguard
  10. Swim Shorts with Built in Diaper
  11. Long Sleeve Swim Shirt
  12. Think Baby Sunscreen
  13. Wash Cloths & Baby bath products(i.e baby body wash)
  14. Medicinal Products (Baby Tylenol, Camilia Homeopathic Teething Remedy, Polysporin, NeilMed Naspira Nose Aspirator)
  15. Sleeper Pj's
  16. Sweater(Lighter one & Warmer One)
  17. 6-8 little shirt onesies
  18. 2 cut-off sleeveless shirts
  19. 30 diapers & 2 packs of wipes
  20. Two Small Toys that are easy to pack (Little Lion)
  21. Pump & Bottle Necessities (I have linked my pump in my newborn must have video - you can check it out here)
  22. Baby Sunglasses
  23. Few Pairs of Sweats
  24. Dress Shirt
  25. Car Seat
  26. Baby Wearer
  27. Breastfeeding Pillow (linked on newborn must haves page)