Breastfeeding Experience & Must Haves


My Breastfeeding Journey

I have LOVED breastfeeding & I have LOVED my breastfeeding journey thus far with Daxton! I really enjoy breastfeeding and feel so fortunate I have the ability to do so, because I know many women face so many struggles, and sometimes are unable to feed their babe this way! 

Of course those first few weeks adjusting are so tough, but I promise it gets SO much easier!! In the first few weeks I had extremely sore nipples, and one even cracked. I couldn't feed him off of my one boob for a week and would pump out of that boob and feed him from a bottle if needed. Once my nipples healed and toughened up it became so much easier!! & Once I stopped getting up and bringing him to the living room every night... (When I realized I could stay in bed and feed him laying down)that was a game changer for us in regards to night time feeds! 

If you are just starting your breastfeeding journey, I do want to encourage you to keep going!! It is so rewarding once you get through that first month, and although formula is WONDERFUL for those moms unable to breastfeed, breast milk is still the #1 choice for infant nutrition! 

Feeding Your Baby in Public

I find breastfeeding to be so so convenient! You don't need to remember to bring anything with you because all you have to do is whip out the boob! 

I think breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural thing, that should never be shamed or seen as something that should be hidden and covered up. However, I know not all mamas feel this way, and may not be comfortable whipping out their breast in public! So I want to share some of the things I do when we are out in public & I need to feed Dax!

The first thing I do is look to see if wherever we are has a mothers room, if there isn't a mothers room sometimes I have used changing rooms in children's stores, or I will feed babe in the car before heading in somewhere. If I know that I can find a comfortable spot that isn't directly facing a huge mass of ppl I will just feed in public also!  & I also will bring my breastfeeding pillow if I know I will be out all day for comfort and convenience! So far I have never had anyone come up to me and say something rude & I have fed Dax in public many times! Most women smile or think it is cute, because it is! There is something so beautiful about watching a baby nurse- I think it's got to do with seeing how calm and relieved they are when they're hunger needs are being met ! LOL

Must Haves

Ok so on to my breastfeeding must haves I talk about in the youtube video! I have listed everything I Talk about in the video, however you can also check out my newborn must haves video (or post) to see which breastfeeding pillow, pump & other products I use as well. 

  1. Medela Tender Care Cream 
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Medela Portable Breast Pump(Newborn Musthaves Post)
  4. Breast Milk Collection Shells
  5. Manual Pump
  6. Hot Milk Sports Bra(Blue)
  7. Hot Milk Sports Bra (Black) (Not shown in video)
  8. Temptation Bra - Jet Black
  9. Obsession Bra - Nude
  10. Target Nursing Tanks (I have grey and black)
  11. Medela Nursing Tank 
  12. Amazon 3 pack nursing tanks with built in bra
  13. Asos Fuller Bust Bikini Top 1
  14. Asos Fuller Bust Bikini Top 2


  1. Take a breastfeeding class while you are pregnant.
  2. Contact a lactation consultant or find one you feel comfortable with prior to having your baby so that you can call as soon as you have an issue with breastfeeding.
  3. Drain both boobs while feeding, and change up positions so that you are fully draining all parts of your boob(in the beginning).
  4. Don't keep tight/restricting shirts or bras on for long periods. Example - if sports bra is tight and squishes boobs in, take it off right after a workout. If a bra leaves any marks on your boobs it is too tight!! This can cause mastitis
  5. You can make your own nursing bras! They sell conversion kits. SO you could use old bras and just convert into nursing bras by a seamstress! 
  6. Stay hydrated!! & Eat plenty of whole nutritious foods!! Breastfeeding can burn up to 650 calories per day. Those calories NEED to be replenished! This calorie deficit is not meant to be used for weight loss. IF you are not eating enough your milk supply will be affected! So be sure to be eating enough. A good way to do this is to listen to your hunger cues! Eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full! Include lots of healthy fats, complex carbs and protein! It is also important to drink enough water! If you are dehydrated your milk supply can also decrease. Aim for 3-4L per day!