How I Started My Baby On Solids

I have been getting a lot of Q's about how I started Dax on solids and what types of foods I have decided to feed him so I wanted to break it down for you here!!

The FIRST food I ever gave Dax was homemade oat cereal. After doing some research I found a lot of sources saying oats and other grains can be difficult for babies tummies to digest, and that fruits and veggies are typically easier for them to digest as a first food - so I opted to switch to fruits and veggies instead! 

The general rule is to introduce a single food, and continue feeding the food for 3 days without introducing any other new items until it is clear your babe hasn't shown any reaction the newest food added! It also gives their little digestive tracts time to build up the enzymes required to better breakdown those specific foods! 

I go over all of the foods I gave baby Dax & why I chose to introduce solids before 6 months in the below YT Video! I also include how I make my pureed peas & pears in the video :) Links to the recipes & list of the foods given can be found below :) 

I will list all of the foods I fed baby boy below, in order of how I introduced them! 

  1. Homemade oat cereal(2 days only a few tbsp before stopping & switching to fruits and veggies only)
  2. Pureed Sweet Potato 
  3. Pureed Peas - Recipe can be found HERE
  4. Mashed Avocados
  5. Mashed Bananas
  6. Mashed Strawberries
  7. Blended Spinach(with the peas)
  8. Scrambled Eggs
  9. Pears(Cooked) - Recipe can be found HERE
  10. Baby Mum Mums
  11. Prune Juice
  12. Some Coconut Oil
  13. Bites of soft toast or pancakes we are eating. 
  14. Butternut Squash
  15. Spaghetti Noodles